Gone Green

Our Green Initiative


Rocco’s Collision Centers take “Going Green” seriously and we try hard to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our negative impact on the environment. Being a leader in the Collision Industry, we believe we are the leader in “Going Green” in our industry too. Our 3 newest locations, Corporate, Blackwood, NJ and Berlin, NJ were designed with “Green Building” practices in mind. Some people might ask, “How can an Automotive Repair possibly be green?” We will show you how.


  • Powered by 100% Renewable Electric Energy
  • We’ve updated our facilities’ lighting fixtures to energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs using up to 75 percent less power.
  • Walk–off mats are placed in shop vestibules improving indoor air quality, as well as, carpet tiles for longer lifespan & no adhesive
  • All shops utilize programmable thermostats to reduce energy usage when buildings are unoccupied.
  • Offices, Shop area, and spray booths are cleaned once a week improving indoor air quality
  • Our Corporate and Berlin locations re-purposed existing buildings, limiting environmental impact of new construction without disturbing the natural environment
  • Refurbished and updated existing spray booths
  • Replaced existing windows with new, higher efficiency windows, reducing heat loss and energy usage
  • Vestibules were designed in lobbies to reduce heat loss, improved comfort of occupants
  • New style insulation at exterior walls to reduce energy use for heating and cooling
  • Windows in office areas provide natural day lighting
  • Awnings at exterior windows provide shading & help prevent solar heat gain
  • GREENGUARD Certified Quartz solid surface countertops improve Indoor Air Quality and saves natural resources
  • Office desks and shelving constructed of Composite constructed wood office desks and shelving.
  • Insulated pipes passing through cold spaces reduces heat loss.
  • Blackwood Body Shop facility is constructed mainly as metal structure building which can be demolished and the metal recycled when the building becomes obsolete or the location is repurposed.


  • All of our sheet metal, body parts, car batteries etc. are recycled
  • All anti-Freeze, oils and fluids are recycled
  • Cardboard boxes from parts deliveries and other purchases are recycled
  • Each location has green trash containers in our lobbies and offices for recycling plastics, paper and cardboard
  • Recycle paper used for all copying and printing


  • All shops utilize Waterborne and Low E/Low VOC paints, clears and sealers reducing VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds ) release into the atmosphere