Car Insurance: We buy it to protect our vehicle in the event we get in an unplanned accident and to assist with any unexpected repairs. After all, car accidents always seem to happen when we least expect it. That’s why your insurance company will either be one of your biggest advocates (though only focusing on the $) or your worst nightmare (still solely focused on the $). 

Here at Rocco’s Collision Center, we get New Jersey drivers asking us all sorts of questions regarding their car insurance policy. To better help you know what you are and aren’t covered for, what you need, and what different things mean on your policy, we pulled together 10 of the most common car insurance questions all New Jersey drivers have: 

What is PIP Insurance, and is it mandatory?

Personal Injury Protection, or PIP for short, is no-fault insurance that assists drivers to recover any lost wages due to an accident. It also covers medical bills and rehabilitative services. Here in New Jersey, we are one of the 12 states (including our other location, Pennsylvania) where having a minimum level of PIP coverage is mandatory

Are newer cars more expensive to insure?

The newer the car, the more expensive your insurance plan will be. This is because it costs your insurance company more money to repair that vehicle, primarily due to the advancements in car safety technologies you see in today’s cars. However, would you rather pay less on your insurance plan but drive a more dangerous vehicle? Paying more isn’t always a bad thing. 

Can I add anyone to my policy?

As long as you all live at the same address, you can add anyone to your policy. Just a word of advice: it’s better to keep it in the family instead of your crazy roommate who parties hard on the weekend. 

Is insuring my car expensive?

Although several factors influence just how much you’ll pay for your premium, car insurance is on the less expensive side compared to what you would pay for your health insurance. Here in New Jersey, the average annual full coverage rate for 2019 is $3,013 and only $1,182 for minimum coverage. (source: ValuePenguin)  

Does my credit score affect what my premium rate will be? 

Yes. If you have a high credit score, the amount you pay in premiums will be significantly less than if you had a low credit score. 

Is it possible to be denied coverage?

If an insurance company denies a driver service, it’s most likely because that driver has a DUI, low credit score (past a certain number), or previous was the cause of a serious car accident

Does the specific make and model of my car matter?

Larger cars can cause more damage in the event of an accident, which is why they are more expensive to insure. If your vehicle is a newer model with advanced safety features like ADAS technologies, this can lower your costs. Certain cars are more susceptible to theft. It’s best to check with your insurance since your vehicle will determine how much you’ll pay on your premium. 

What is Gap Insurance?

According to Nationwide, “Gap Insurance is an optional, add-on car insurance coverage that can help certain drivers cover the ‘gap’ between the amount they owe on their car and the car’s actual cash value (ACV) in the event of an accident.

Are there any discounts available?

Almost all insurance carriers will offer a variety of discounts available to drivers. The best way to find out what discounts are available is to ask. The most common discounts for car insurance are available for military personnel, good students, and those with high credit scores. 

What does auto insurance not cover?

No matter what company your car is insured with, chances are they have convinced you in thinking your car is covered for “everything and anything” that happens to it. That’s not true. Auto insurance will only cover damages caused by theft, accident, or other destruction. It does not cover repairs and replacements that are caused by the usual wear and tear on a car. 

Where In New Jersey Can I Get My Car Repaired?

Here at Rocco’s Collision Center, there’s not a day that goes by when a customer doesn’t ask us any number of the above questions. We know this can be an incredibly confusing time for you, which is why we’re here to help! We will work with you and your insurance company to ensure you have a stress-free repair! 

We at Rocco’s Collison Centers know that you have many choices when looking for a car repair shop, especially in the Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey areas. We aim to show you why we are the best out there, which is why we are dedicated to giving you the best repair possible for your car! 

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