If it’s been a while since you’ve needed to look for an auto body shop, you’re probably wondering where to start. What do you look for? What determines a 5-star review? What is the reason behind a negative review? These are all good questions to have, which is why we’re here to provide you with the answers. 

What You Should Look For

Car repair these days is not what it was even just a few years ago. It requires continuous training for the technicians so they are always up to date on the latest repair procedures. Manufacturers are always releasing what is known as OEM repair procedures, which instruct the technicians exactly how they should repair your car. But how do you know that a repair shop is doing this, based on the customer reviews? Well, one way is to read through the reviews and see if a customer talks about their experience for a similar repair (bumper replacement, windshield, etc.). However, no repair will ever be the same, so let this be a reference point.

Reviews will also likely tell you how well a customer was communicated with throughout the repair process. A shop that stays in active communication with a customer will also let them know what needs to happen during the repair, specifically OEM related repairs. These highly rated reviews come from cars returned in perfect condition to their owners, had frequent communication throughout the repair process, and had an overall fast repair.

Bad Repair = Negative Reviews

Although technicians have repair procedures to follow, some auto body shops may neglect these and repair it the way they want to “just because.” These are the “sloppy” jobs you read about in reviews. Sloppy repair jobs are often done by technicians who haven’t been properly trained on how to repair your car and are just going based on “past experience” to determine what they do to your car. 

Here in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, technicians are not legally required to have a license to operate on your car. This is why there are OEM repair procedures and continuous training that each technician must have to perform the highest quality repair for your vehicle. Sloppy jobs, poor paint blending, and wide gaps on structural body repair are a result of lazy technicians who are not following proper repair procedures. Let alone, they probably haven’t had any new training on how to properly repair your car.

Technicians that go based on “experience” will cause more harm than good on your car. These strict OEM repair procedures are not only the highest quality but the safest. Neglecting them can cause the safety features your vehicle is built with to no longer work the way they were originally designed to. And if that happens, the risk of you getting into another accident significantly increases. 

All of these reasons are why you should thoroughly read through the negative reviews.

The Confusion of Longer Repairs 

Insurance companies know that customers want the fastest repair possible for their car. What people don’t understand is fast repairs don’t necessarily mean proper repairs. As mentioned above, the way technicians repair a vehicle is entirely different from what it was even just five years ago. This is because of the advanced technologies built into cars today, such as ADAS systems. Some of the most common technologies you can find in an ADAS system are: 

  • Blindspot detection 
  • Lane departure assistance
  • Forward collision warning 
  • Rearview camera 
  • Collision avoidance system 

And many more. Because of these technologies, cars need a specific repair that isn’t as simple as using a few nuts and bolts. A repair shop might find additional damage once they take apart your car. If this happens, then a repair could take longer. More work will need to be done, and an adjuster might be required to approve the new estimate. If a customer is left in the dark throughout the repair process, it’s a trigger for them to be extremely unhappy and leave a negative review. 

Why Choose Us 

Reviews for body shops can be pretty confusing, especially when you see the many different reasons why people write reviews. We at Rocco’s Collision Centers have been serving the Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey areas for nearly 25 years in the most honest way. We have maintained an average of 4 stars at each one of our locations because we know what it means to give you the highest quality of repair out there. 

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