Caring for your car is a two-part process. The first part involves keeping it running: Oil needs to be changed at regular intervals, various belts need to be swapped out before they start to wear out, transmission fluid can’t be forgotten and the tell-tale signs of a battery on its way out are a warning worth paying attention to. It would be a true travesty then for someone who takes care of their car to have to give up on it due to exterior damage. Accidents happen and Mother Nature is capable of inflicting some real pain on all things mechanical. If you’re the owner of a car or truck that has found itself on the receiving end of such damage and are in need of collision repair near you, there are plenty of services worth learning about.

According to, there are approximately 6 million motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. annually. Of that total, 30 percent are blamed on speeding while 33 percent is attributed to reckless driving. In crashes that could be considered a “fender-bender” or something more serious, motorists will be looking for collision repair near you. This will allow them to get dents, dings, scratches, broken external components and more back the way they were.

At Rocco’s Collision, where the team puts the latest auto tech to use when completing repair services, industry norms are replaced with innovative solutions. This means using light alloys, ultra-high-strength steel, boron, magnesium and aluminum in repairs. This route, in addition to having a team that understands original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products as well as how a car was constructed, is what makes collision repair near you worthwhile. A six-stage repair and refinishing checklist at Rocco’s ensures that everything is done to spec – which improves both safety and aesthetics.

Your car’s frame is steel and is designed to withstand the sheer devastation that crashes can cause. Your bumper? That’s plastic (or possibly fiberglass-based) and we don’t need to tell you that it’s easily damaged. The same goes for the glass that’s all around you when in the driver’s seat. Even low-speed crashes can do considerable damage and should you be involved in one, it’s time to find collision repair near you to solve the problems it has caused. The result will be a car that looks its best and knowledge that the repairs were performed at Rocco’s under demanding specifications.