Discovering that someone rear-ended your vehicle during the overnight hours can be spirit-crushing. Being involved in an on-road accident that leaves your car or truck disabled along the side of the road is equally unfortunate. The damages that can occur in either of these instances can be both visible and hidden and will require professionals to assess and amend. These damages will also leave motorists looking for auto repair shops near you to help kick start repairs. While it’s true that accidents happen, motorists are going to want to find the most qualified professionals to carry out the repair work and at a reasonable rate. In this blog post, we’ll review some of the scenarios that are going to prompt motorists to pick up the phone and call a garage like Rocco’s Collision. Once everything has been put back together again, it’s safe to say that you’ll be glad you did.


Stalled Out: A vehicle can suffer damage from just about every direction that’s capable of leaving it stranded. We’ll use the aforementioned rear-ending scenario as an example: Flat tires should never be driven on and a damaged transmission or now disconnected exhaust are also possibilities. Even the battery could be jarred loose and cause a no-start condition. This is why Rocco’s manages an entire fleet of trucks and offers towing services around-the-clock every single day of the week.


The Full Picture: As the experts at auto repair shops near you work to put the pieces back together, the plan to restore luster to your damaged vehicle will also be thought out. Auto body repair is at the heart of what a garage like Rocco’s does. Dents, scratches, re-painting and rust can all be addressed by the best auto repair shops near you. Refinishing work isn’t something the DIY gearhead should try outdoors at home. A professional enclosed spray booth will be required and thanks to dust, pollen and falling leaves, you’ll be able to tell the difference between the two results.


Shattered Confidence: A broken window is a major setback. Whether it was the result of theft or an act of God that sent a tree branch through your window, this is a repair that requires addressing ASAP. At Rocco’s, free estimates for the cost of repairs can be provided. What’s more, we’re happy to respond to you to fix the broken window. This means our crews can visit your home or office to get the job done. It also saves you from having to drive down the road with wind blowing in at 40 mph – and that’s something appreciated by those who’ve had to do that sort of thing before.