Some say diversity is the spice of life (and work). At Rocco’s we fix cars and fix them well but we also believe in diversifying our interests. As a result we have decided to endorse a local boxer named Tevin Farmer, and sponsor the World Champion, Danny Garcia. You may have seen our billboards, one of which is pictured below.

Tevin and Danny are both Philadelphia-born boxers and still train in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Tevin is a southpaw and often spars with Danny in an effort to help both fighters get ready for upcoming fights.

Tevin has an upcoming bout against Isaac Suarez at the National Guard Armory while Danny defends his tltle the following day against Zab Judah. His fight will be one for the ages as he and Zab have provided very interesting commentary leading up to the fight. Here are some great quotes from Danny and his father Angel.

Back at Rocco’s we’re doing our best to support our new interest including the building of a gym and ring. Our path to becoming a top-tier collision repair shop was built on dedication and hard work. Our goal to supporting our new team will be built on that same premise. Stay tuned for more information on Team Rocco’s.