When you’re comparing estimates for your car repair, how do you decide which one is the best one? Is the more expensive one just a rip-off, or is the inexpensive estimate only a fraction of what is needed for your car? Which one will be the fastest and highest quality, repairing your car exactly as the manufacturer would instruct? All these questions and more are common for drivers to have when finding a body shop for your car repair. We at Roccos Collision Center want to show Pennsylvania the different things they should look for when comparing autobody repair estimates so you know who can fix your car properly.

When it comes to car repair, an estimate is just the beginning of any work that has to be done and not the actual repair plan. The repair plan, which a detailed and itemized list breaking down what needs to be repaired, will be created after your vehicle is disassembled and the technician can get a thorough inspection of the damage externally and internally to your car, including checking if the advanced safety technologies your car is built with (such ADAS) are working properly.

Depending on where you take your car, there are some shops that can create a more thorough estimate during the initial inspection than others. Your insurance company might insist on a photo estimate, which will typically result in a series of additional bills known as “supplements.” This is because it is challenging to get an accurate quote from just two or three photos.

It’s always interesting to us when drivers complain about an in-depth estimate and think they’re being ripped off when it’s the insurance company is who will ultimately pay the repair bill. We want to ease some of that anxiety and clear up any confusion you may have about autobody repair estimates.

The highest estimate is usually the most thorough and accurate.

It may come as a surprise to you that the body shop with the most expensive and comprehensive estimate is the best option for your car repair. This is because the body shop with the most thorough estimate is the one who truly knows what it takes to repair your vehicle to factory specifications step by step. They’ve researched the repair procedures from the manufacturer and outlined everything your car will need to be brought back to a pre-loss condition.

The highest estimate will be the fastest repair.

When a body shop writes a cheap estimate, they know there will be supplements that will need to be written and approved by the insurance company. Each time the shop finds additional damages, they need to document those needs, write a supplement, inform the insurance company. Then, an insurance adjuster needs to return to the shop to inspect the newly discovered damages and approve the supplement. It’s a lengthy process, as the adjuster might need to return to the shop several times. Not to mention, anytime an additional supplement is needed, repairs are put on hold until that supplement is approved. This approval process will add additional days to the repair.

If you compare this to the thorough (and more expensive) estimate, it only requires very few visits by the adjuster once the repair is approved. All the parts and materials can be ordered at one time, and the car can enter the repair process with nothing left to hold up the repairs. This can often save a few days that the other shops would need to perform the same repair. No auto body shop is ever the same, which is why you only want to take your car somewhere where you feel confident with the repair, even when you get the estimate.

The highest estimate will often be the better repair.

The body shop who took the time to research the repair procedures from the manufacturer has also estimated all the parts, materials, and most importantly, the time required to perform a proper repair. This is the shop that knows how to fix your car the right way and will not cut any corners.

So, if you’re currently in the process of finding a body shop in Pennsylvania and you’re reviewing collision repair estimates, ask yourself who you would instead perform the repair: the one with the accurate estimate who can knock out the repair start to finish? Or the one with the cheap estimate who will need to stop several times and await supplements, ultimately being a longer repair process? Keep in mind, that you will typically only ever have to pay the same deductible for both types of repair.

Where in Pennsylvania can I get my car repaired?

Here at Roccos Collision Centers, we will work with you and your insurance company to provide you with a thorough estimate that provides a detailed assessment of what needs to be done in the repair process. No estimate is ever the final repair bill, but we believe in providing our customers with an initial estimate after we’ve taken a good look inside and outside your car. We are committed to showing you what a quality repair looks like, where you are our top priority and not just a number in line.

We at Rocco’s Collison Centers know that you have many choices when looking for a car repair shop, especially in the Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey areas. We aim to show you why we are the best out there, which is why we are dedicated to giving you the best repair possible for your car! 

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