First step in the process is vehicle intake. Customers bring their vehicle to any of the shops and will receive an interactive and educational experience. The vehicle will be checked-in, then we examine the damage, explain the claim and repair process and finally answer any questions you may have.

The second step is the estimating process. During this step of the process we appraise the damage of your vehicle, create a detailed repair plan along with an estimated completion date.

The next step is repair and refinish. Your vehicle then goes through our 6-stage repair process:

  1. Blueprinting  
  2. Disassembly
  3. Collision Repair
  4. Refinishing
  5. Reassembly
  6. Post Repair Clean Up

Through each one of these stage our technicians perform a quality control check.

Next is quality control. We use our multi-point Quality Control inspection digital application. This allow us to inspect every operation of the repair performed on your vehicle to ensure a quality repair. We also provide a printed inspection report upon delivery.

The final step is vehicle delivery. A complete and detailed written explanation of all work performed on the vehicle, along with a copy of our warranty. We will interactively deliver your vehicle and explain all aspects of the repair.