Trunk-or-treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!

Spooky season is finally here and what better way to spend it than outdoors! Celebrate Halloween a little early this year, grab your entire family and join your community for trunk-or-treating. Trunk-or-treating puts a spin on the Halloween tradition of trick-or-treating.

Think of trunk-or-treating as a Halloween tailgate party. Trunk-or-treating events are usually held in big parking lots, such as an auto body shop, school or even a church. Trunk-or-treating gathers neighborhoods, friends and families to come together to enjoy some Halloween fun!

The trunk of your car now becomes your front porch. Those who are participating in decorating their trunks also create interactive games and actives to go along with their vehicles theme. And just like Halloween night, kids dressed in their favorite costumes, walk around going “trunk-to-trunk” collecting candy.

Trunk-or-treat has become very popular over the passed couple of years. There are many benefits that come along with trunk-or-treating: less walking for children, a much safer situation (instead of kids walking door-to-door) and most importantly, plenty of fun for all! Why would anyone want to miss out?