When you’re searching online for “best auto body shop in the Poconos,” something interesting will happen. You’ll probably notice the first few results come from “best of” lists on websites such as Yelp and Carwise. Maybe you weren’t even looking for the best the Poconos has to offer, and yet, those are the online results you get: a list of lists.

So, what exactly has to happen for an auto body shop to have the coveted “best of” ranking? Can a car repair even be judged or ranked based on reviews? A person who wrote a negative online review may not have been aware of certain things that are necessary for the repair process. Nevertheless, reviews are like an unofficial detective providing you valuable information about a business.

The Problem With Being The “Best”

It might come as a surprise, but being on one of “best of” lists on these various websites is not determined based on what the technicians or even the shop itself are doing. The manufacturer of your car creates strict repair procedures for each vehicle, known as OEM repair procedures.

However, here in Pennsylvania, there is no legal requirement for technicians to have a license to repair your car or follow these repair procedures. This means that nobody is regulating how an auto body shop is repairing your vehicle. They can do whatever they want because no one is telling them otherwise. Of course, you have to hope that’s not the case, but it happens more than you think, which is why we felt you needed to know. 

Repair First, Then Review

The most crucial part of finding the best auto body shop comes down to the repair. Naturally, you only want your car to be repaired at an auto body shop that knows how to fix your vehicle the right way. Car repair is not the same as it was even just a few years ago. This is why you must have your car returned to you with the same level of engineer-designed safety it had when it left the showroom floor. An improper repair can cause more harm than good to the car and will significantly increase your chances of getting in an accident. Even if it looks fixed, there could be a whole world of problems lying beneath the shiny surface. We’ll get to that down below.

The One And Only Way Cars Should Be Repaired

Your car’s manufacturer releases these OEM repair procedures for technicians to follow because that is the only way your vehicle should be repaired. Any other way and your vehicle will be seriously jeopardized not just for safety, but for the overall integrity of the car. As mentioned above, improper car repair can put you at a higher risk of being involved in an accident. One of the biggest reasons there’s so much improper car repair nowadays is because of the ADAS systems seen in most cars out on the roads.

ADAS is short for “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems,” and are the technologies your car is equipped with to keep you safer on the road. They are made up of a variety of ultrasonic, camera, and radar sensors, all working together as an additional pair of eyes surrounding your car. 

Some of the most popular features you’ll see in an ADAS system are:

  • Blindspot detection 
  • Lane departure assistance
  • Forward collision warning 
  • Rearview camera 
  • Collision avoidance system 

If your ADAS system gets damaged in a collision, it can only be repaired with following the OEM repair procedures. If any of the sensors are off by one degree, it can be equivalent to a 50-foot difference on the road. This can cause the ADAS systems to no longer work the way they were designed for. In certain cases, your car might require recalibration or scanning, based on what needs to be done in the repair. Any technician can perform a repair, but scanning on modern day vehicles will accurately diagnose what must be done to your car. Without it, your car will only look repaired, but will no longer be able to provide you with the level of safety your car came with.

This is why it’s critical you do some research into why a body shop made a best-of list versus another body shop.

Why Choose Us

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