Authenticity Removes Doubt and Increases Loyalty

Many argue that today’s marketplace is becoming increasingly driven by those companies that commit to authenticity and transparency. In his article, Authenticity and Transparency Matter in Business, Jonathan Goldhill writes “Companies – and the individuals who represent them – competing in today’s marketplace must operate with an unparalleled degree of authenticity and transparency….When you’re constantly doing the right thing, this should drastically reduce living in fear of being found out about anything.”

The same is true, and perhaps even necessary, in the collision repair industry. Doubt, uncertainty and the fear of being taken advantage of continues to plague the industry. In Confessions from the Autobody Shop, Phillip Reed writes “for most consumers auto body shops are intimidating and mysterious.” His article tries uncover the mystery by providing eight tips to help consumers remain aware and avoid getting (or feeling as if they are) getting ripped off.

Reeds article is extremely informative and relevant and for all that it does, consumers’ mistrust, though always apparent, is often difficult to alleviate and therefore collision repair facilities must operate. However, one way to remove the mystery and intimidation of the body shop is to open tho doors to consumers…literally. A collision repair facility that actively engages its customers in tours of its facility accomplishes two things: it says to the customer that there’s nothing to hide and it leaves them with a ‘beyond-the-lobby’ experience. After all, isn’t seeing how it’s done better than wondering how it’s done?

Our team began offering tours to our customers more than ten years ago and we continue to offer tours to each and every customer. We are proud of our approach to collision repair and proud to allow our customers to see (and experience) first-hand the professional and uncompromised dedication we take in repairing their vehicles.

Below is a video of a tour we may give to any of our customers at any of our five locations. In this video Joe DiMonte, manager of our Blackwood Store, leads visitors from the lobby to the shop to the paint booth; in it he explains the equipment we use and why our teams love what we do.